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I was honored to have Harmony Cricket Farm’s brand represented on this podcast, discussing how we’re aiming to change Americans’ perception of eating insects–one cookie at a time!

Below is the introduction to the interview, as well as a link to the podcast where you can hear the full episode.

The Art of Living Well: “We are thrilled to bring you today’s guest, Tammy Mann, the Founder/CEO of a food brand producing sustainable, nutritional, and very tasty foods fueled by crickets. Yes. Crickets!

Tammy is a mom, former creative director, triathlete, and now a full fledged cricketeer/foodie on a mission to make crave-able, sustainable, nutritional foods fueled by crickets. 

Struggling with gut health and not able to find a protein solution to sustain her through long workouts, Tammy stumbled upon cricket protein powder. Like most Americans, the idea of eating bugs grossed her out, but she was willing to give it a try. There was a noticeable improvement in all aspects of her dietary needs: better gut health, more energy and she felt fueled to go significantly longer!

This is when the light went on and Tammy saw a huge opportunity: Create quality, crave-able, nutritional cricket fueled foods! 

Now as the Founder/CEO of Harmony Cricket Farm in Minneapolis MN, her mission is to make a positive impact on our earth by changing Americans perception of eating insects. The journey begins with darn good cookies and ends with a happier, healthier planet and YOU!

At Harmony Cricket Farm they believe we all can and should EAT good. FEEL good. DO good. The humble and tasty cricket is a great way to do just that. 

During our conversation we talk about how crickets are a nutritional power-packed superfood high in protein, iron, calcium, B12 and omega-3s. You will also learn that crickets support gut health and your immune system, in addition to being a complete protein with amino acids and making it easy for your body to digest and use for energy.

By enjoying crickets you will also be doing good for the planet because they use less water and feed than cows.

Tammy recommends adding just 1/4 cup a day of cricket powder to your favorite recipes including smoothies, baked goods, salads and even soups/chili.”

Full Interview: https://www.theartoflivingwell.us/blog/e48-tammy-mann-aka-le-cricket-queen-changing-americans-perception-of-eating-insectsone-cookie-at-a-time


Le Cricket Queen

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