Take a Buggy Bite With Me

My journey with crickets had a simple beginning. As an aspiring athlete in the triathlon community, I wanted to find foods to help me perform better, and feel better.

That was it.

After trying cricket powder/flour and experiencing such noticeable results, I was intrigued to learn more about what eating crickets could do for my body and for the bodies of others, especially athletes. But, after doing more research, I found that the nutritional and athletic improvements that came with entomophagy were nothing compared to what I learned about the current state of our planet, predictions for inevitable future food shortages, and the profound impact how choosing crickets for our daily protein can help in solving these problems.

The more I learned, and continue to learn about what crickets can do for our planet, those with health struggles and even pregnant women, the more driven I am to not only change how I eat and how I feed my family, but also to help others to find better, healthier and more earth-friendly ways to eat. Of course, discovering solutions that are also tasty is a huge plus, especially for those of us who love meat and don’t feel like a meal is a meal without it. Though I do call myself an aspiring “cricketarian,” hoping to eventually wean myself completely off of the typical proteins I’ve consumed most of my life, I need to first create a very rich list of easy-to-use, and very yummy, recipes, building on my Harmony Crickets treats like our butterscotch cookies, chocolate “chirp” cookies, and my sweet or “flamin'” chirp snack packs.

I will also be sharing recipes that include crickets so others can also start to cook more than just cookies, but whole meals! The recipes will be coming soon to our website.

As a gluten-free individual, that also means everything I make, and all the snacks available through my Harmony Cricket shop, is gluten-free. Once I learned about how much water it takes to grow nuts (which is less than sustainable), I took out all the nuts from my recipes and replaced them with seeds, which use far less water.

Getting the chance to meeting people where they are at, recognizing that when I first tried crickets I was admittedly a bit freaked out too, has been a rewarding experience. I get the chance to connect with people on our shared shock of the benefits of crickets, and then celebrate with those who give them a try and reap the benefits that follow. As a meat-eater, I know it’s anything but easy to stop eating meat. But the “why” behind my decision to convert to the life of a “cricketarian” is what dedicated me to changing my eating habits: saving the planet, keeping my gut healthy and improving my body as an athlete. There’s so much reward packed inside these tiny land shrimp.

Will you join me in taking a bite?


Le Cricket Queen

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