Give Yourself the Gift of Crickets: A Rundown of Our Chirp Snacks

Christmas is just around the corner, and you have been busy getting gifts for everyone else. But now it’s time to gift yourself something special and takes the first steps to a healthier you. Our chirping set of healthy snack and benefits-packed cricket powder is a good place to start.

These snacks are a new, delicious and healthy experience all rolled into one.

We are currently offering two Holiday Gift Sets UNTIL TOMORROW, each with 18 gluten-free and nut-free cookies of 3 different varieties and one including festive coffees. In addition, we’re offering a Deluxe Gift Set with just as much caffeine, but even more cookies. And, after Christmas, there’s plenty more Harmony Cricket cookies and snack-packs to order. Here’s a rundown:

Holiday Gift Sets: $25-$65

Included in this first gift set is 6 rich and soft butterscotch cookies, made with our super-powered cricket flour, 6 of Harmony Cricket Farm’s signature Chocolate Chirp Cookies–made with extra dark chocolate (63%) cacao chips, organic ingrents such as organic brown sugar, cricket flour and chicory root fiber (see full ingredient list here)–and 6 Holiday Spice cookies. These cookies are a “new take on a holiday classic” with a blend of organic spice and Harmony cricket flour.

This holiday gift set is a great combination of old and new Christmas treat traditions, and is a great first step for those wanting to dip their toes in the world of eating crickets.

Including the same batch of butterscotch, chocolate chip and holiday spice cookies, the Cookies + Coffee Holiday Gift Set set also comes with an 8oz bag of Mexico Medium Roast and another bag of 8oz Dandelion Roast, both from Dandy Lion Coffee, a local Minnesota roaster company, committed to providing ethically-sourced coffee beans in batches that you can brew with fresh-roasted dandelion root.

Dandy Lion’s delicious coffee alternatives to “superfood your brew” is a great accompaniment to Harmony’s cricket flour-made cookies, promoting healthy, enriched ways to get more out of the sugary and caffeinated snacks we love most: coffee and cookies. Each offers highly nutritious benefits while also supporting a healthier planet.

Chirp Snack-Pack: $24

This trio of Cricket powered, gluten-free, nut-free snacks–Flamin’ Hot, 100% Natural and Sweet Nibbles–are all filled with salty flavors and ounces of nutrition! Each 2.5 oz pack contains 6 grams of protein.

While we hope these gift sets and snacks provide you plenty of taste-bud satisfaction and helps you achieve your health and wellness goals set for the new year, we also hope these gifts sets open a door for cricket flours, proteins and powders, showing that there’s a way to get more out of your seasonal treats with an all-around better source of nutrients.

Harmony Cricket Cookies ($15) and Protein Powder ($20):

If you’re apprehensive about giving crickets a try, look at these cookies ($15) and protein powder ($20) as a bridge between tradition and the unknown, providing the same flavors you know and love, but with added benefits.


Le Cricket Queen

To purchase our Holiday Gift Sets and other cricket snacks, visit our online shop here.

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