Celebrities Who Eat Crickets

It’s no news that celebrities are always trailblazing new paths in the world of health and wellness, but the glitzzed and glamorous setting their sights on entomophagy is a head-turner and could help to make eating crickets the trend both our bodies and our planet needs.

Some countries have been well ahead of us in discovering the benefits of buggy eating, such as Brazil, Ghana, Thailand and China, where some dip their delicious critters in chocolate, eat them alongside their tea, or roast them to perfection. It’s a low-calorie-high-shock factor that many celebrities find appealing. But while its their cricket consumption curiosity that brings them to the table, it’s the pure protein, rich calcium, numerous micro-nutrients and strong fiber that keeps them wanting more, and wanting to share their cricket-filled plates with friends and family.

So what celebrities have incorporated crickets into a permanent part of their diet and lifestyle?

  • Angelina Jolie: The actor shared her children Maddox and Pax enjoy eating insects and snacking on crickets. “My boys love to eat crickets,” said Jolie. “They eat them like Doritos.” Jolie herself has snacked on a few, saying they’re like potato chips. Jolie and her kids have been incorporating insects into their meals for years and, in an interview with BBC while making a docu-film in Cambodia in 2011, Jolie even added that “you start with crickets…and then you kind of move up to tarantulas.”
  • Nicole Kidman: Another advocate for eating bugs, Kidman proudly says she is one of the two billion people in the world that indulges in entomophagy. In Vanity Fair’s Secret Talent Theatre, Kidman fearlessly eats a four-course bug meal, starting off with hornworms, then mealworms and crickets, which she describes as “awesome.” Kidman also recommends fried grasshopper to those interested in joining her in this high-protein diet.
  • Zac Efron: In his Netflix travel documentary Down to Earth, Efron travels the world to discover “new perspectives on some very old problems” and the star is seen eating bugs in the series episodes. Efron is vegan and very open about his affinity for exotic food and his familiarity with eating crickets. In 2010, he was put to the test on the George Lopez show when offered scorpion on toast. Efron said it was “really good” but noted that Taiwanese crickets tasted better.
  • Salma Hayek: The Mexican-American-Lebaneseactor told David Letterman that insects have been part of her diet since she was a child. Hayek says that fried ants are amazing with a little guacamole and that grasshoppers have a smoky flavor to them. She also likes locusts and crickets and says that fried insects are a “traditional aperitif” in Mexico.

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Health benefits and facts found through scmp.com, nationalpost.com and terminix.com.

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