Crickets for Kids

Convincing adults to give crickets a try already has its difficulties–so we’re taking a leap of faith asking those same adults to have their kids adopt entomophagy.

But the health benefits speak for themselves when it comes to promoting cricket consumption for growing children. Even more than maintaining your health as you age, it’s vital to make sure kids–whose minds, bones and muscles are still developing–get all the nutrients their bodies need to foster healthy growth.

If you haven’t visited our blog before or read our earlier blog post outlining the health benefits of crickets, here’s an overview to get you up to speed. Crickets are packed with….

  1. Plenty of micro-nutrients such as iron (more than spinach), copper, magnesium (five times more than beef), and phosphorus. 
  2. A purer form of protein without all the added fats.
  3. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are essential for muscle health and muscle growth.
  4. Calcium for building strong bones.
  5. Vitamin B12, which plays a vital role in skin and hair health.
  6. Omega 3s for hard-working and developing hearts.

All those minerals and proteins in one tiny bug almost makes eating crickets similar to offering your kids their daily dose of vitamins each morning. It’s one of those foods you can count on to cover all the bases in your kids’ diet.

But how do you convince a kid–whose new favorite word might be along the lines of “No” or “Gross”–to eat a bug? Kids are all about the aesthetics and textures of food: if it’s green, they won’t eat it. If it’s mushy, slimy, too dry, and definitely if it has too many legs, the chances are even slimmer that they’ll give a new food source a try. That’s where our cricket protein powder and cricket flour comes in. It’s easy to incorporate cricket powder into your kid’s favorite cookie, oatmeal, pasta sauce or smoothie recipe, without provoking that infamous, suspicious look.

In this video, published on Brain Space Magazine for kids, one youngster actually demonstrates how to make delicious cricket protein bars.

Cricket powder offers the same amount of nutrients with even more appeal to kids as it can be added to already familiar and trusted foods. But, unlike traditional protein powders, is kid-friendly, with no artificial ingredients and dedicated primarily to providing nutrients rather than purely bulking up.

If you’re a parent interested in incorporating crickets into your family’s meal plan, check out our recipes page (link below) and our blog post on how to cook with protein powder for creative cuisine ideas.

Be well,

Le Cricket Queen

Health benefits and facts found through Medical News Today, Empower Health, and Brain Space Magazine.

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