founders story

Tammy Mann


A few years back I was training for triathlons and looking for better sources of protein to sustain me without upsetting my stomach. All of the options I had tried left me with gut pain, a lack of energy and hungry! A friend mentioned that they heard of cricket protein as a great way to fuel up before a big workout. Once I got over the “EW” factor, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. 

To be honest, I didn’t like the taste. It was “earthy” and my smoothie was a weird darker color. But I had to see if it could help, so I plugged my nose and choked it down. A week into the cricket powered smoothies and already my body was feeling different. My gut was feeling less bloated, my energy levels were higher, even my appetite was sustained!!! What was it about this tiny creature that had me feeling so good?

I ordered crickets and cricket based bars and snacks from everyone I could find. Most of them were not meeting the “yum” factor, in fact I could barely finish them. Once I found a cricket flour with a more mild flavor, (It is important to note that they do not all taste the same.) I started to experiment in the kitchen. Then I learned about the impact other ingredients can have on the planet, for example: Almonds use 900 Gallons of water per pound, and many grains – even the “organic” ones are farmed in a way that is hurting our soil. 

So the goal was to create recipes that used sustainable grains that support regenerative agriculture, seed vs. nuts, sorghum, oats and buckwheat groats (for an example) vs. gluten-containing flours and the incredible cricket protein flour to add the powerful nutritional benefits because THEY ARE AN INCREDIBLE PROTEIN SOLUTION THAT REQUIRES VERY LITTLE FROM OUR PLANET! 

This was it, the epiphany! Climate change is a huge and daunting issue. People want to help but we feel like it’s impossible. We want to change the ways we eat, but it’s hard because old habits are hard to brake. Solution: Make food people love but use ingredients that support out planet, work hard to ensure they taste awesome and start to make some positive changes around here for goodness sakes!

My goal is to create delicious foods that are better for our planet and better for you so that together we can help fight climate change – one delicious bite at a time.


Our kitchen is located near the University of Minnesota at the Good Acre. We are thrilled to be a part of a group that is dedicated to farming, food and the community. The Good Acre is led by experienced farmers, instructors who know their way around the kitchens, and specialists who have trained in the trenches. This dedicated team with decades of experience in farming, logistics, training and culinary arts, has all the right ingredients to be our stable partner, and trusted guide.