Founder of Harmony Cricket Farm


Tammy Mann


25 years as a designer/creative director provided an awesome opportunity to witness many inspiring entrepreneurs first hand as they dove into their passion to build their brand or business. And for 25 years, my passion was all things creative. Helping others build their brand, get the message out and build their business. 

In my “off” time I’ve been a single mom and an aspiring athlete. While getting my feet wet so to speak in the triathlon community, a friend mentioned that they heard of cricket protein as a great way to fuel up before a big workout. Once I got over the “EW” factor, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. THAT was the beginning of my new journey. 

A week into the cricket powered smoothies and already my body was feeling different. My gut was feeling less bloated, my energy levels were higher, even my appetite was sustained. 

The more I learned about entomophagy (insects as food) the more I wanted to know. Inspired not only by the incredible nutrition that crickets provide, but also how they provide a sustainable protein solution, hence they have a positive impact on our planet and the growing global food crisis. Seriously all of this from one little insect?! Clearly there is so much to learn, and I humbly consider myself a student in training. 

My goal is to share my personal experience with cricket powder and inspire people to get over the gross factor of eating bugs by providing tasty products and recipe ideas. I believe collaborating and working with other foodies to elevate the cricket powered food experience will help tip the scale in the perception of insects as food. It’s going to be a fun journey! 


Susan Otten Pic

Susan Otten, MBA, ABC*


After spending 15 years at Apple, developing my creative entrepreneurial spirit and learning from both the big-time global companies as well as small start-ups, I’m excited to be joining in the effort for cricket protein promotion as an avid runner, vegan, health enthusiast and business visionary. 

I’ve become a veteran for branding, sales, marketing, and communications. I formed my own business, Otten Associates, where I worked extensively planning strategies to guide organizations to both realize their dreams and harness their abilities to achieve their business goals and now, with the added resources of strategic angel investments. Reputation management, sales channel development, communications, branding, and marketing are among the sectors of business I enjoy helping businesses shape and perfect, especially in their early stages. 

After all, business is, in its own right, an art. 

My ultimate goal is to take the experience I’ve gained and use my entrepreneurial skillset—marketing, consulting, logistics planning and more—and heart for philanthropy to help support entrepreneurs who do good as the CEO/ Founder of Indie Do Good. I’ve assisted a wide variety of businesses in a range of industries, from CPG to healthcare and, now, crickets. 


*ABC = Accredited Business Communicator

Ron Otten, MBA


Though my first love is all things boating and water sports, my 35 years of worldwide experience in engineering, operations, quality, manufacturing and product management have a big place in my heart for growing businesses, and their ability to do good, from the ground up. 

I enjoy exercising my technical and management skills to be a pillar of support for these businesses, aiding in strengthening teams and help companies achieve even their farthest-reaching goals. Currently serving as CEO of SCO2 and CarbnX, divisions of Prototype Garage, while continuing as President of Otten Associates and Indie Do Good, I’ve worked with a full range of Fortune 500 companies, such as CNH, Landoll, Caterpillar and E-Z-Go, improving their processes, developing more efficient systems and launching innovative products. 

Being part of an innovative designer company of technologies and capital equipment for industries such as hemp and trash processing for extraction of valuable components, like CBD oil and recyclables, it’s more than fitting to get the chance to work with Harmony Cricket Farm to promote not only a healthy protein alternative, but also promote cricket farm manufacturing advantages and ecological benefits. 

“I am excited to support Harmony Cricket Farm with business process, quality excellence and financial planning. Tammy is a passionate, hardworking visionary who will definitely change the way Americans look at insects as a healthy, sustainable source of protein.” 



Beth from Askegaard Family Farm

We are so proud to work with Minnesota Farmers dedicated to providing organic grains, free-range eggs, antibiotic free/hormone free butter, pure maple syrup and honey. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication. To learn learn more about them visit: 

Doubting Thomas Farm 

Askegaard Family Farm 

Graise Farm 

Jirik Family Farm 

Stony Creek Dairy Farm


Our kitchen is located near the University of Minnesota at the Good Acre. We are thrilled to be a part of a group that is dedicated to farming, food and the community. The Good Acre is led by experienced farmers, instructors who know their way around the kitchens, and specialists who have trained in the trenches. This dedicated team with decades of experience in farming, logistics, training and culinary arts, has all the right ingredients to be our stable partner, and trusted guide.