Changing Your Perception of Crickets

While I enjoy coming up with new recipes and teaching others about the health and environmental benefits that come along with eating crickets, my biggest goal, when it comes down to it, is changing people’s perception of crickets.

We inherit our perceptions from those around us: be it from our parents, friends, past teachers or other influencers. As a parent myself, I’m all too familiar with the fact that if parents want to see their children become mindful of the foods they eat, they should set the example. If we want those around us to open up their minds to new foods, or if we want to encourage our friends to indulge in a healthier lifestyle, we have to stand with them and help them set the pace. We can’t just cheer from the sidelines.

While getting my feet wet so to speak in the triathlon community, a friend of mine mentioned that they heard of cricket protein as a great way to fuel up before a big workout. I also had to get over my own initial “EW” factor. It’s true, crickets look great for you on paper, and there’s really no end to the benefits we could list off. But no matter how much we talk about how great they are for your health, what ultimately gets people to give crickets a try is when someone says, “Oh yeah, I thought they were gross too…but they’re actually worth the try!”

And that’s what happened for me. I figured, “It can’t hurt to give it a try.” And that was the beginning of my new journey. A week into the cricket-powered smoothies, my body was already feeling different. My gut was feeling less bloated, my energy levels were higher, and my appetite was sustained. 

The more I learned about entomophagy, and the way people around the world have been consuming bugs for decades (and even centuries), the more I wanted to know.

We once thought the world was flat, so we didn’t travel far. We once thought eating lobster was “gross” so we fed it to prison inmates and even they wouldn’t eat it. Now it’s a delicacy! And it was only 20 years ago that sushi was introduced to the U.S. and, well, you can guess how that went down. Noses were turned up.

Why? Perception.

Being skeptical about the unfamiliar is normal. It’s human nature. It’s our immediate instinct. And I’ve been there. I’ve been skeptical of crickets and now I’m an advocate for them, here to tell you it’s worth the plunge.

But, more importantly than all of these past stories, is the reason why we need to shift our perception.

The planet, our Mother Earth, is not in a good place. As our population continues to grow, the demand for more grows: more water, more food, more meat, more land. And, sadly, we do not have the resources to support this growth and demand at the rate we are going. This is why it’s time to start changing our perception of food and of insects as food.

Harmony Cricket Farm is dedicated to finding ways to ease people into entomophagy by creating tasty, healthy and earth-friendly foods that will make this shift a lot easier.

Interested in giving crickets a try and taking steps to helping your body and the planet? Check out our recipes page (link below) and our online store.

Be well,

Le Cricket Queen.

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