Cricket Powder vs Protein Powder

There’s a big difference between packing on protein and packing on nutrients.

While many protein powders are great for making sure you’re meeting your percent daily protein consumption, they tend to lack all other nutritional value, from calcium and iron to fiber and B12, all central to keeping your immune system the shining star it needs to be for your body’s overall health. But cricket powder, made up of protein using the extract of ground-up crickets, is packed with those essentials missing from regular protein powder.

Since cricket protein powder used the whole cricket, you’re not only getting a boost of protein, but also plenty of other nutrients. Harmony Cricket’s protein powder, for example, provides 17mg of magnesium (14% DV), 3.7mcg of B12 (150% DV), 230mg of potassium (4% DV), 2mg of iron (10% DV) and 28mg of calcium (2% DV). This is on top of the 16g of protein per serving.

Meanwhile, most other traditional protein powders contain none of these other ingredients, outside of protein and potassium. They also tend to be higher in calorie count. See our cricket powder nutrition facts compared to those of PaleoPro’s listed below:

Cricket powder is also gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, soy-free and paleo-friendly, with minimal environmental impact, just in case the 69% protein per serving and complete amino acid profile with prebiotic fiber for gut health wasn’t enough of a selling point.

Known as one of the best sources of protein, based on 100g servings, crickets outshine even sirloin beef, which has 29% protein per serving, dried beef has 43% and chicken has 31%. For every 100 grams of cricket you eat, you’ll get 13 grams of protein (you get about 7 grams of protein in an egg). Cricket protein also includes valuable BCAAs, which work to enhance recovery after a workout.

When compared with pea and whey protein, cricket powder is still at the top, providing more magnesium, potassium, calcium and that infamous B12.

It’s true that you can’t gain muscle without protein, but for the athletes and health-conscious individuals it’s also true that you can’t maintain healthy muscles, and a healthy body for that matter, without the vitamins and minerals that keep your energy up, your brain empowered and your bones strong.

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Health benefits and facts found through Supplement Police, PaleoPro, Nuzest, and Chapul.

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