Cricket Protein vs Traditional Proteins: What the Numbers Say

Not all proteins are created equal, and just because a food source is high in protein content, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s healthy for you.

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of cricket protein: it’s more sustainable, higher in nutritional content and even a vegetarian-friendly option. But what are the numbers behind all that praise? What do the nutritional statistics look like for crickets when compared to beef, chicken, pork and the like?

It’s one thing to say that crickets are high in protein, low in fat and chalk-filled with vitamins and minerals your body craves. But it’s another thing to see it from a scientific, certified perspective.

Derived from a 2016 study by Macmillan Publishers Limited, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, global dietitian Dr. Pamela Fergusson RD created a simplified chart from the data recorded in the study which shows crickets (located at the top of the below list) as having either the same or more amount of protein as beef, chicken or pork, with over twice as much protein as tofu and cooked lentils. It also shows that crickets contain more fiber than beef, chicken, pork and tofu, less calories than beef and pork with half of the fat.

Though crickets are high in sodium, let’s not forget the important role sodium also plays in our everyday health, helping to control blood pressure and regulate the function of muscles and nerves.

Below is another graph from, showing crickets having more than ten times the amount of calcium as beef, pork and chicken and almost five times the amount of iron as beef, in addition to being higher in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Riboflavin.

While every protein source has its benefits, crickets are more reliable as an overall source for necessary nutrition to keep your body energized and nurtured. Interested in giving crickets a try after seeing these numbers? Check out our online shop to browse cricket powder, cricket cookies and other cricket snacks to incorporate into your daily protein meal plan.

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