do Good

When you make the choice to eat crickets you are making a choice to help the planet. Congratulations, you are now a “Do Gooder”! Our population is 75+ million and growing. 40% of our land is cleared for agriculture. 1/2 of the human water supply goes towards agriculture. Crickets require 12x’s less feed than cattle, and 95% less water than livestock! Livestock production accounts for 18% or green house gas emissions. THAT’S MORE THAN ALL THE CARS, TRAINS, PLANES and BUSES WORLDWIDE! Crickets produce 80% less methane than cattle. Changing the way we eat may seem small, but the impact is huge!

Beth from Askegaard Family Farm


We are so proud to work with Minnesota Farmers dedicated to providing organic grains. The farmers are all preparing for harvest. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication.