eat Good

More yum less yuck. Crickets are mildly nutty and work great in most of your favorite recipes. From smoothies and granola to soups, sauces and stews, these magical little “land shrimp” will tickle your tastebuds while boosting your health.

We are proud to work with Minnesota Farmers to provide locally sourced ingredients in our products. Organic oats and oat flour from Doubting Thomas Farm. Organic Flaxseed and Milled Flax from Askegaard Family Farm. Free range eggs from Graise Farm, Organic Honey and Maple Syrup from Jirik Family Farm, and Butter from Stony Creek Dairy Farm. 

The Good Acre

Our kitchen is located near the University of Minnesota at the Good Acre. We are thrilled to be a part of a group that is dedicated to farming, food and the community.

The Good Acre is led by farmers who have been in your boots, instructors who have cooked in the kitchens, and specialists who have trained in the trenches. With a dedicated team with decades of experience in farming, logistics, training and culinary arts, we blend all the right ingredients to be your stable partner, expert resource and trusted guide.