feel Good


Like many athletes I experimented with many kinds of protein drinks. My gut health was not good, I’m gluten intolerant, and my appetite is huge! None of the powders were helping.

A friend mentioned cricket protein powder… (you can see where this is going right?). I tried it in my smoothie every day for a month. It was game-changing! You can read all the studies about the nutritional benefits, but the true measure for me was how it actually made me feel! This tiny little crustacean packs a whole lot of the good stuff. Complete protein, all the B12 your body needs in a day, Chiton fiber, iron…the more I researched the more I wanted to share the story of the mighty cricket. And, that my friend is how it all started. The journey continues, thank you for joining me. What brings you to the cricket community?

Feel Good Graphic