Cookies + Coffee Deluxe Gift Set


Could you imagine a more perfect pair? Fresh baked cookies AND fresh roasted coffee! And not just any cookies + coffee… Fresh baked, gluten-free, nut-free cookies made with crickets and fresh roasted coffee you can brew with fresh roasted dandelion root. Superfood cookies and superfood coffee!!!

Your box Includes:

Two bags of 1 dozen cookies: Total of 24 cookies + 8oz Mexico Medium Roast and 8oz Dandelion Roast

  • Butterscotch
  • Chocolate Chirp

We’ve partnered with our friends at Dandy Lion Coffee to bring you this specially curated gift set. Dandy Lion Coffee is a local Minnesota roaster committed to providing ethically sourced coffee beans in fresh roasted small batches as well as delicious coffee alternatives that can superfood your brew! And what could be a more compatible combo than Cricket cookies and Dandelion Root Coffee? Each offers highly nutritious benefits while also supporting a healthier planet. WINNING!!!!

Why Crickets? We believe we all can and should – Eat Good. Feel Good. And Do Good. The humble and tasty cricket is a great way to do just that.

Eat good: Taste matters! Our 100% ground cricket flour has a mild, slightly nutty flavor that pairs perfectly in our cookies (and pretty much every recipe you can imagine!)

Feel Good: The nutritional benefits in this sustainable protein powered little land shrimp are simply off the charts! With more protein than beef, more omega 3 than salmon, excellent source of fiber and more than 100% of your daily B12 needs, you have to admit they are quite remarkable.

Do Good: Crickets use less from the planet compared to livestock.

2000x less water

95x less land

25x less feed

And give off significantly less methane gas

That “pesky weed” in your backyard is actually one of the most plentiful and potent superfoods in existence! Its root is highly nutritious, contains potent antioxidants, has detoxifying properties, promotes healthy weight loss, fights inflammation, and is absolutely delicious! With notes of hazelnut and chocolate and of course, coffee, so it seamlessly blends into your morning cup and pairs perfectly with a Harmony Cricket Cookie!

How do I prepare Dandelion Coffee? The simplest way to prepare it is to add 1-2tsp to your grounds before you brew a 6-8cup batch of coffee – add more or less to taste. Simple brewing instructions also come with the bag!

What’s special about the coffee? Mexican coffee is ULTRA smooth with low acidity with notes of chocolate and nutty flavors. The flavor isn’t the only thing that makes this offering so special! This bag is not only organic and fair trade, it also supports women coffee growers in Mexico with equal opportunities to work, buy land, and own farms. The CESMACH co-op facilitates a program for its 224 women producers; premiums are paid for these coffees in order to financially support the often undervalued work of women, many of whom are single parents running their farms and families.

About those cookies…

Butterscotch: These rich soft Butterscotch Cookies are unlike any you have had. Golden brown on the outside, moist on the inside, and full of texture and flavor with hints of butterscotch in every bite.

Our Signature Chocolate Chirp: Crispy on the outside with a satisfyingly soft center. Every bite is loaded with extra Dark Chocolate 63% cacao chips, and packed with flavor using only the finest natural ingredients. Always guaranteed fresh!

Our cookies + coffee collection are guaranteed to be fresh. We bake our cookies over the weekend in small batches and hand pack them for delivery to you. The coffee is fresh roasted as soon as we receive your order and ready for you to enjoy in a matter of days.

From our local Minnesota organic farmers to our kitchen and straight to you. There’s a whole lot of love in every bite and in every sip.


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