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What does cricket powder tastes like?

Thinking about taste-testing the cricket-powered life? Those looking at wading their toes into the world of cricket protein often ask us at Harmony Cricket Farm the infamous question, what does cricket powder taste like?

First off, it’s important to note that not all cricket powder tastes the same. There are many variables that can lead to the best tasting product, such as (in our humble opinion), Harmony’s cricket powder. One of those affecting variables is different cricket breeds, each offering their own flavor. Then there’s the consideration of what the particular crickets eat.

Timing is also an important factor; at what stage in their lifecycle were the crickets harvested? How long has the cricket protein been “on shelf”? And let’s not forget the process of, well, processing. How were these crickets processed? Sterilized? Dried? Milled? And so on. All of these steps matter, and result in a different cricket powder taste.

After trying pretty much every cricket protein flour I could get my hands on, I can assure you that not all cricket powders are created equal. So, if you try one and you don’t like it, I encourage you to try ours. You might think that’s a little bold to rush straight toward the selling pitch, but as an average American consumer, I was not impressed with my own first taste-test experience of living the cricket-powered, or cricket-powdered, life. The cricket powder had an overwhelming “gamey” flavor that made my smoothie undesirable.

So why did I keep trying? Cricket powder had such profound benefits to my gut health and energy that I kept taking it–This motivated me to pursue all the options I could get my hands on.

Every farmer has their own unique (or not-so-unique) solution to getting the right taste. But our farmers have been studying the practice of cricket farming for decades. They work with universities to continue to improve and understand best cricket harvest practices and better outcomes. They pride themselves on their craft and attention to every detail and, if I do say so myself, it shows. 🙂

Now, getting back to that question: “What does cricket powder taste like?” And I will solely answer to how Harmony Cricket Farm protein powder tastes.

Harmony Cricket Farm’s cricket protein powder has a light nutty flavor with a slight popcorn aftertaste. The mild taste pairs perfectly with almost anything your heart desires: smoothies, oatmeal, soups, stews, breads, pastas, pizza dough, cookies, you name it.

And adding the nutrients to as many foods as you can increases your nutrition intake naturally without the need to take all those vitamin supplements. The B12 in one serving of cricket powder is more than 100 percent of your daily allowance. The complete clean protein offers all 9 amino acids, along with omegas and fiber. All of this in one, earth-friendly dose of cricket protein powder. What’s not to love?

Another benefit I personally appreciate is that crickets do not suffer during harvest. They live a quality cricket life in a small warm setting that they prefer and are then frozen, which puts them into a natural hibernation, before being turned into flour.

This brings me to another important topic: “Where is your cricket farm?” After discovering what I personally believe to be one of the tastiest crickets, I was a bit bummed out that they were in Bali. That is not a short journey and my concern for the carbon footprint due to travel was serious! After doing some research into this, I was made aware of the amount of energy needed to heat a facility here in my hometown of Minneapolis. At the end of the day, my footprint is much smaller when we raise our crickets in a warm climate zone. The moral of this story is this: happy, warm crickets equals happy planet.

My love for these magical creatures continues to grow with every new thing I learn. Our planet needs us to step it up and start making better choices. Our bodies need us to take the reins and start putting our health at the forefront of our diets. Incorporating cricket protein into your daily meal plan one little scoop at a time is a very simple (and might I say tasty) solution to both of these needs.

I encourage you to give Harmony’s cricket protein a try! And post your experience on social media with the hashtag #myfirsttime @harmonyucricketfarm to let us know how your own taste-testing went. If you have a recipe to share, we would love to hear about it and share with our followers.

You can find other recipe ideas as well at the link below.

Be well,

Le Cricket Queen

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