What Makes a Good Cookie a Great Cookie?

If it were possible, we would probably eat fresh, homemade cookies every single day. Maybe I’m being overly zealous here but, if you ask me, there is nothing better than a warm yummy cookie after dinner, with a cup of coffee, shared with friends, given as a “thank you” gift, in your child’s lunchbox, in your lunch box or… you get the idea. But what makes a good cookie a great cookie?

In reality, baking fresh cookies from scratch takes time, and none of us has a lot of time to burn (pun intended). To make fresh, from-scratch cookies, you also need to have all the ingredients on hand, which can be a challenge. As a result, most of us don’t dedicate much time to making cookies from scratch. Maybe monthly, for the holidays, or once in a blue moon, but certainly not weekly or when the craving hits. For that, we rely on store-bought or bakery-bought cookies, missing out on the beater-licking goodness of a warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven experience.

And I’m here to help make things a little easier, because that’s an experience no one should miss out on.

Let’s get one thing straight here. Some grocery store cookie mixes are better than others. There are some brands—whether they’ve been around for years or they’re new on the market—that just make bigger waves on the cookie aisle than others. But Harmony Cricket Farm’s new cookie mix stands out.

While any cookie can be a good sugar-craving fix in a pinch, we were determined to make a cookie mix that has a lasting impression and keeps you coming back for more. While working on our new cookie mix, we did a lot of research and tried a slew of popular cookies. It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it. J

Based on the reviews, and our ever-so-picky pallet, we created a cookie with the perfect balance of buttery, caramel flavor, a thin crisp edge and chewy center. Not only are these cookies easy to make (they only require 1 egg + butter), it’s also such a unique type of cookie with the added sustainable cricket protein and gluten free grains.

Plus, they are dangerously delicious! You know, the kind of crave-worthy treat you cannot have only once. With two flavors to choose from–Chocolate Chirp and Butterscotch–there are plenty of Guittard dark chocolate chips (or butterscotch, if you choose that cookie) in every bite.

There is a way for a cookie-lover to get their fix and look like a rock star for baking fresh, “home-made cookies” in just minutes. With two such delicious flavors, you’re biggest challenge will picking which one to try first!

Essentially, with our cookie mix, we had three goals. 

1. A climate friendly cookie

2. Gluten-free

3. Super tasty!

How we do that? We use grains that support regenerative agriculture. Cricket protein flour which uses 2000xs less water than livestock and also far less water than almond flour. And it’s a heck of a lot of fun in the kitchen to create the tastiest cookie you can get your hands around. 

In my journey to make the very best cookie, I made a lot of mistakes and learned just as many lessons in cookie making. Although you only need to add butter and an egg, there are certain tips to ensure you get the very best out of our cookie mix.

***These tips also apply to your home-baked recipes***


Not just any butter will do to make a good cookie into a great cookie. Salt is a crucial ingredient that helps to bring out the sweetness of the chocolate chips and the sugar in the dough, which is why I highly recommend using salted butter. Having salted butter infused into our cookie mix enhances the overall flavor.

Then there’s the age-old question, should butter be soft, melted or hard? Have you ever tried to mix cold butter into chocolate chip cookie dough? It’s not fun. Before you add butter to the mix, soften it first to room temperature. Softening the butter not only makes it easier to cream together with the other ingredients, but it also makes for a better cookie flavor and texture. Softening the butter will also help the cookies keep their shape, resulting in a nice, fluffy cookie. But melt the butter too much and you may wind up with flat cookies with an uncooked center. Unless you’re into a flat cookie, then by all means go for it. 


Does order of ingredients matter? It sure does. It’s a good idea to cream together the butter and egg before adding them to the mix. It may be tempting to just dump all the ingredients into a mixer at the same time and call it a day but, remember, if you want the best cookie, not just a good cookie, order matters. Creaming butter allows tiny air pockets to form, which ultimately results in a better cookie. The best way to do this is to first beat the butter, by itself, at a low speed until it’s a creamy texture. Next, add in the egg.


It’s important to avoid over-mixing the cookie dough. Do you know why? I had to learn this the hard way through many trials and many errors. Sure, all the ingredients need to be well-incorporated, which includes taking a spatula and scraping the stuff that sticks to the side of the mixing bowl, but get a little too crazy with it and you change the structure of the cookie. When you over-mix, you wind up with stiff, dense cookies. To prep cookie dough just right, mix all the ingredients on a low speed just until the mix is incorporated—and then stop!


Put the dough in the fridge for at least 20 minutes, this helps firm everything up making it easier to deal with and a lot less sticky. It also helps to make that good cookie into a great cookie because it seems to come out less flattened than when I put it in without chilling.


For those of you who are still with us, here is a little more insight into why we are doing all of this with the mighty little cricket:

Why is there cricket protein in a cookie you may ask? When the Founder of Harmony Cricket Farm, Tammy Mann, tried her first cricket flour, it was, shall we say…not at all tasty. But the game-changing results she felt in her energy and gut health had her on a mission to learn more about this magical little land shrimp.

You may be asking, “Why was she feeling so good? Is there anything out there that tastes good with cricket protein? Why crickets? How are they better for the planet? Do all cricket protein flours taste the same?” Clearly, she had some research to do, and she did it!

Tammy ordered cricket flour from over a dozen farms from local to across the world, she tried every cricket-based product she could get her hands on, and she got to work in the kitchen.

To her delight, she discovered that not all cricket proteins taste the same. The type of cricket, the way they are fed, harvested and processed all adds up. She likes to compare it to a grape. All wine is made with a grape, but all wines do not taste the same.

Once she found the cricket protein flour she liked the most, she wanted to learn more about the farm it came from. How was this cricket raised and fed? Why is it such a mild flavor as compared to some that were more “earthy”? Is it clean? Safe? Her cricket farmer, and now friend, Jon, was more than happy to shed light on all her questions, provide documentation regarding safety, feed, government approvals, etc.

He also shared the research he and his partners had done and continue to do to ensure the best quality product. The crickets are raised in Thailand where the temperature is always warm, so the need to pay the high energy bill to heat a facility is gone. The farmers that are trained to raise and harvest the crickets follow a strict protocol, and the work provided to these farmers ensures financial security to them and the community. This is especially important because, unlike us Americans, jobs security is scarce in this part of the planet.

Fast forward to now—Tammy is now the proud founder of Harmony Cricket Farm and the distributor of cricket flour she knows and trusts to be exceptional.

It all started with the need to find a clean protein that was better for her gut health. Now Tammy Mann is a woman on a mission:

“I believe our current food system is not sustainable. Harmony Cricket Farm is on a mission to make crave-worthy foods that are fundamentally better for the world and our bodies by making cricket protein an everyday part of our food system with crave-worthy foods people love, powered with cricket protein.”

Who knew you could do so much good with such a simple treat?

Eat good. Feel good. Do good.

Order some cricket flour and cookie mix today: https://www.harmonycricket.farm

Be well,

Le Cricket Queen

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