We believe we all can and should EAT good, FEEL good,& DO good. The humble and tasty cricket is a great way to do just that.


More yum, less yuck. Crickets have a mild, nutty flavor, so don’t affect the flavor of your favorite dishes. Also very versatile, ground cricket works great as an additional ingredient in most of your recipes; from smoothies, to oatmeal, to grain bowls, to soups or chili. Also super easy to use in baking by simply replacing 1/3 of the ‘flour’ with cricket powder in any recipe. From smoothies and granola to soups, sauces and stews, these magical little “land shrimp” will tickle your tastebuds while boosting your health. Need an easier way to eat good?


Crickets help you FEEL good with complete protein (all 9 amino acids) to build lean muscle, improve recovery and support metabolism. B12 to boost immunity and support healthier skin, hair and nails. Iron for growth, strength, brain development (plus energizes metabolism). Omega fatty acids to increase “Good” HDL Cholesterol and improve nerve function. Chitin Fiber supporting “good” bacteria in the gut. Non-dairy calcium for strong bones, teeth, muscle and nerve function. How’s this for feelin’ good?


When you make the choice to eat crickets you are making a choice to help the planet. Congratulations, you are now a “Do Gooder”! Our population is 75+ million and growing. 40% of our land is cleared for agriculture. 1/2 of the human water supply goes towards agriculture. Crickets require 12x’s less feed than cattle, and 95% less water than livestock! Livestock production accounts for 18% or green house gas emissions. THAT’S MORE THAN ALL THE CARS, TRAINS, PLANES and BUSES WORLDWIDE! Crickets produce 80% less methane than cattle. Changing the way we eat may seem small, but the impact is huge!